The rise and rise of Influencer Marketing

Report December 2020
The rise and rise of Influencer Marketing

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The rise and rise of Influencer Marketing


Although it’s now more than a decade since influencer marketing started to command serious attention and budgets, it is nevertheless still emerging as a discipline, with many brands learning as they go. That said, our survey suggests that influencer marketing is a discipline whose moment may at last have truly come. 

So if it is to increase in importance – of 1.5% of global marketing spend and ~5% of spend of those brands in our study – it will need to learn how to justify itself in terms of impact on business performance. ROI of influencer marketing remains the Holy Grail. 

Although many in the marketing community now consciously avoid meaningless vanity metrics, the time has come for brands to deploy the rigors of marketing management and measurement, including the use of econometrics and testing, to influencer marketing, too. Without serious scrutiny, this discipline cannot hope to emerge from the shadows and clutches of metric-lite PR where it has languished for too long.

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Athar Naser

Principal Consultant

Athar Naser is Principal Consultant in Ebiquity’s Media Practice, specialising in digital marketing. He joined the company in March 2020, having previously lead digital activity for large scale advertisers. Athar has a wealth of experience in digital and programmatic media both agency and publisher side, having held business development and account management roles at Mindshare, Global Radio and Guardian Media Group.

Ebiquity surveyed almost 60 of our clients across multiple markets and found that the ROI of influencer marketing remains elusive for most, and this needs to change.