The trick with Younger Consumers: Get to know them.

Viewpoint May 2018
The trick with Younger Consumers: Get to know them.

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Millennial Consumers

Younger, millennial consumers offer modern marketers and media planners a perplexing conundrum: they're more media-savvy and have more disposable income than almost any other segment, but they're increasingly difficult to reach and influence with advertising - and they don't like brands getting in the way of their media consumption.

Photo of Judith Warn-Ford

Judith Warn-Ford

Head of Media

Judith runs Ebiquity UK’s media auditing business. Previously of FLE, where she set up and ran the non-TV and online media auditing department, she has also worked in strategic media planning and buying at both Yershon Media (an Aegis company) and Dorland Advertising.

This document covers the following:

  • The media habits and preferences of millennials
  • Today's mass media opportunities
  • How digital fits into the media mix
  • The impact of mobile, social, and multi-screen
  • Millennials' trust issues with brands
  • Why millennials matter so much anyway
  • Real-world analysis and insight
The digital revolution has made ad targeting confused, opaque, and frustrating. Younger consumers, in particular, choose how they view and interact with media.