When Online Video Advertising works, and when it doesn't.

Viewpoint May 2018
When Online Video Advertising works, and when it doesn't.

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Your first task should be

Discover what questions to ask broadcasters and their media agencies to ensure you get the best ROI from advertising through online video or Video On Demand VOD.

Photo of Simon Cross

Simon Cross

Media Practice Leader

Simon Cross runs Ebiquity Media in the UK. He has worked in the business since 1997 (then Billets). He has been instrumental in developing media measurement tools that are recognised as the industry gold standard. Before joining the company, he spent ten years at Zenith, working in diverse roles including media buying, research and systems, and international management.

This document covers the following:

  • Online video advertising
  • Media agencies typical recommendations
  • The evidence on incremental reach and the cost of TV ratings
  • The genuine case for online video advertising
  • What media partners could and should be doing
  • Ten key questions that every advertiser should ask their media agency
There is little evidence that online video advertising adds significant incremental reach about linear TV advertising campaigns