Building evidence-based marketing programmes rooted in data and analytics

What we do

We apply advanced analytical techniques to attribute and forecast the impact of marketing investments – and many other factors – on business performance. We then use these insights to optimise future investment in both traditional and digital media channels and drive improvements to marketing return on investment. 

Our analytics and modelling enable brands to have a fully-rounded view of the drivers of brand performance, both short-to-medium term and long-term. Online and offline. And our Digital Analytics team data to personalise and optimise your customer journey, delivering higher conversions, better outcomes and ultimately better business performance.

While we work with hundreds of advertisers each year across more than a dozen different sectors, we have developed particular expertise in consumer goods, retail, financial services, and travel, and have built tools that solve sector-specific marketing analytics challenges. 

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We do this because

We believe that one size doesn’t fit all, and that you need an array of different tools and methodologies to understand the true drivers of business performance. 

We believe that by considering all possible influences you can truly connect cause to effect. This includes media, marketing, pricing, and promotions, but also seasonality, competitor activity, macro-economic factors, the rate of innovation, and demographics. 

And we believe that the most value we can bring is in helping you interpret data and embed change in your organisation. Having built a powerful analytics platform, we are now better able to focus more on solving your problems and finding meaning in your data. 

How we do it

Our Analytics practice offers two distinct capabilities to help your marketing investments deliver a bigger business impact.

Business Areas

Digital Analytics

Connect data and technology across platforms and silos to optimise customer experiences

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Advanced Analytics

Ensure your marketing investments deliver maximum business impact

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Case Studies

Our work supporting marketers to improve performance


How Arla outperformed a challenging dairy market by improving forecasting


How Mazda Spain increased web hits, showroom visits, and sales


How our Analytics team’s research for Thinkbox made the case for ‘responsible ROI’


How we helped Australia’s ThinkTV demonstrate that TV is the most efficient channel


How Wickes added £10m to the bottom line using impactful econometric modelling

Key People

Mike Campbell profile photo

Mike Campbell

Head of International Effectiveness , London

Mike leads Ebiquity’s International Effectiveness Practice, helping brands to optimise marketing investments across multiple markets. He is based in our London office. Prior to joining Ebiquity, he spent 12 years as MD of Ninah Consulting’s London office and global head of its FMCG Centre of Excellence, working with Nestlé, Diageo, and General Mills.

Nick Pugh profile photo

Nick Pugh

Managing Director, UK & Ireland, London

Nick leads Ebiquity’s UK Effectiveness division, helping clients in FMCG, retail, financial services, and travel enhance return on investment. He developed Ebiquity’s pioneering TestMatch service, and has been part of the group since 2003. Before he joined Ebiquity, he completed a PhD in optimisation methods.

An Rui Chew profile photo

An Rui Chew

Director of Effectiveness, Singapore

An-Rui Chew leads Ebiquity’s Effectiveness practice in Asia, helping clients to optimise media and marketing spend and drive business performance. Before rejoining Ebiquity in his second spell with the firm, he led modelling and optimisation projects for P&G, Coca Cola, and KFC across the Asia Pacific region while a director in Mediacom’s regional business science team.