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Most digital attribution is conducted in a digital-only bubble. This gives a partial view of causes and effects on consumer behaviour and usually fails to account for the impact of offline media, price, promotions, or underlying base performance. As a result, digital attribution often overstates the influence of digital touchpoints and understates everything else. Similarly, many attribution solutions are based on arbitrary rules such as “last-click”, which grossly overstates the value of direct-response, short-term, and performance-based marketing spend. 

That’s why we developed our Total View Attribution solution. This innovative analytics approach brings together the best that both Market Mix Modelling and digital attribution can offer, top-down and bottom-up. It allows you to determine the relative and absolute influence of different drivers of behaviour. Unlike many digital attribution products which are “black box” – where you can’t see how the data is analysed or how the algorithms work – Total View Attribution is transparent. We can show you, step-by-step, how our methodology works and the basis on which we make our recommendations. 

By knowing what channels, formats, publishers, and keywords are making customers take one path but not another, you can correctly allocate the right proportion of your budget to the components of your digital advertising investment plan that are working hardest for you, and avoid overpaying for touch points that are not working. 

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Key People

Tim Fisher profile photo

Tim Fisher

Commercial Head of Digital Attribution, London

Tim is responsible for ensuring that our Total View Attribution solution answers our clients’ most pressing challenges within the broad context of all key drivers, not digital in isolation. He joined Ebiquity after a decade leading projects in both market mix modelling and digital attribution.

Mike Campbell profile photo

Mike Campbell

Head of International Effectiveness , London

Mike leads Ebiquity’s International Effectiveness Practice, helping brands to optimise marketing investments across multiple markets. He is based in our London office. Prior to joining Ebiquity, he spent 12 years as MD of Ninah Consulting’s London office and global head of its FMCG Centre of Excellence, working with Nestlé, Diageo, and General Mills.

Richard Woodward profile photo

Richard Woodward

International Effectiveness Business Director, London

Richard has 20 years’ experience in marketing effectiveness, with particularly expertise in helping brands understand the impact of marketing both short-term and long-term. Before joining Ebiquity, he was Account Director at Ninah Consulting, having started his career at Information Resources.