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Market Mix Modelling is powerful and effective in connecting cause and effect. But there are some cases where it falls short. These include where media and marketing investment levels are low, where there has been a prolonged break from investment, or where marketing is localised. 

We have developed one of the most advanced testing tools on the market, TestMatch, which allows us to develop accurate tests to build a more robust view of the impact of your marketing spend, and to help you pick winning creative. TestMatch overcomes the shortcomings of other test and control analyses that are often too simplistic and fail to ensure that control cells (or locations) are a good representation of the test (activity) being run. 

TestMatch allows you to measure the incremental impact of split media and marketing activity with robustness and confidence. It has been designed to allow both retrospective and prospective analysis to help you build the most impactful, incremental marketing support programme. 

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Key People

Nick Pugh profile photo

Nick Pugh

Head of Effectiveness, London

Nick leads Ebiquity’s UK Effectiveness division, helping clients in FMCG, retail, financial services, and travel enhance return on investment. He developed Ebiquity’s pioneering TestMatch service, and has been part of the group since 2003. Before he joined Ebiquity, he completed a PhD in optimisation methods.

Nic Pietersma profile photo

Nic Pietersma

Effectiveness Business Director, London

Nic is a Business Director at Ebiquity. Before joining the group in 2008 he worked as an analyst at Mediacom, as an economics lecturer at the University of Cape Town and as a parliamentary researcher. Nic’s mission today is to make marketing analytics more commercial, more credible, and more useful.

Shane Alexander profile photo

Shane Alexander

Business Director, London

Shane is a Business Director in the Advanced Analytics practice at Ebiquity UK. He specialises in the measurement and optimisation of all forms of marketing, with a particular interest in the retail and financial services sectors. He joined Ebiquity in 2013 having previously spent 3 years at marketing effectiveness consultancy Ohal.

Ian Fermor profile photo

Ian Fermor

Technical Director, Effectiveness, London

Ian Fermor is Technical Director within the Ebiquity Analytics practice. Ian has more than 25 years’ experience of Marketing Analytics. A specialist in the measurement of consumer response to promotions, pricing and all forms of marketing communications.