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A critical aspect of developing the single customer view demands that you bring together and harmonise data from different sources. We help brands unify all the different, disparate data generated by your digital marketing activities to give you a holistic, useful, and above all usable understanding of your customers’ behaviour. This is less about creating “one data set to rule them all” and more about being clear about your goals for integrating data. 

  • There are three reasons why advertisers seek to bring data sets together into a single view: 
  • To understand customers better through enhanced digital media analytics 
  • To create an environment where the right people have access to the right data at the right time and in the right format, and share data and insights across internal silos 
  • To run activation's so intuitive and empathetic that data makes implementation more efficient 

Our pragmatic approach is designed to deliver immediate efficiencies and build towards a long-term data integration solution, delivering value to one area of the customer journey at a time. 

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Key People

An Rui Chew profile photo

An Rui Chew

Director of Effectiveness, Singapore

An-Rui Chew leads Ebiquity’s Effectiveness practice in Asia, helping clients to optimise media and marketing spend and drive business performance. Before rejoining Ebiquity in his second spell with the firm, he led modelling and optimisation projects for P&G, Coca Cola, and KFC across the Asia Pacific region while a director in Mediacom’s regional business science team.

Tim Elleston profile photo

Tim Elleston

CEO, Digital Balance, Perth

Tim runs Ebiquity’s analytics business in Australia, Digital Balance. With a background in stockbroking and using analytics tools for market forecasting, he has rich experience developing and leading digital teams. He is the founder of Digital Balance, which Ebiquity acquired in 2017.

Nic Pietersma profile photo

Nic Pietersma

Effectiveness Business Director, London

Nic is a Business Director at Ebiquity. Before joining the group in 2008 he worked as an analyst at Mediacom, as an economics lecturer at the University of Cape Town and as a parliamentary researcher. Nic’s mission today is to make marketing analytics more commercial, more credible, and more useful.