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Because organisations often work in silos and because today there are more than 6,500 different marketing technology solutions available, many businesses lack a coherent strategy for Digital Analytics. As a result, they often do not have a meaningful understanding of their true impact. 

Our expert, experienced consultants work with all the leading marketing technologies – from Google to Adobe, from Salesforce to Hubspot. Our intensely practical way of working delivers results from day one, not a strategic vision after a year or more. 

We start every interaction by reviewing the technology you currently have, assessing what’s working and what’s not, and identifying where there’s duplication and where there are gaps. This enables us to recommend what you need to do with people, process, and tech to understand and serve your customers better. Because of our independence, we are driven to recommend what’s right for you, not what delivers commission to us. 

There is no magic, single solution that answers every question you need to ask of your data, no cookie cutter approach. We help organisations pare back and establish the foundations on which they can build a Digital Analytics infrastructure that is fit for purpose for the long-term future.

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Key People

Tim Elleston profile photo

Tim Elleston

CEO, Digital Balance, Perth

Tim runs Ebiquity’s analytics business in Australia, Digital Balance. With a background in stockbroking and using analytics tools for market forecasting, he has rich experience developing and leading digital teams. He is the founder of Digital Balance, which Ebiquity acquired in 2017.

Tim Fisher profile photo

Tim Fisher

Commercial Head of Digital Attribution, London

Tim is responsible for ensuring that our Total View Attribution solution answers our clients’ most pressing challenges within the broad context of all key drivers, not digital in isolation. He joined Ebiquity after a decade leading projects in both market mix modelling and digital attribution.

Nic Pietersma profile photo

Nic Pietersma

Effectiveness Business Director, London

Nic is a Business Director at Ebiquity. Before joining the group in 2008 he worked as an analyst at Mediacom, as an economics lecturer at the University of Cape Town and as a parliamentary researcher. Nic’s mission today is to make marketing analytics more commercial, more credible, and more useful.