Connect data and technology across platforms and silos to optimise customer experiences

What we do

Many organisations suffer from gaps in their data story, making it challenging for them to leverage data effectively to improve consumer experiences. Working in partnership with Ebiquity Tech, we help you connect your technology and data across platforms and silos. Meanwhile, our analysts leverage rich consumer interaction data to personalise your customer journeys, improve segmentation and targeting, and optimise conversions through test-and-learn programs.

In the process of building best-in-class Digital Analytics, you will better understand the value of your digital assets through enhanced management reporting, Google Analytics consulting, dashboards, visualisations, and more.

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We have developed partnerships with leading marketing technology providers to ensure our clients leverage the latest tech and platforms, and implement them to best suit their needs.

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How we do it

Data Integration

Bring together all online and offline data sources to drive value quicker

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Strategy & Implementation

Build a digital analytics infrastructure to power your digital marketing

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Optimisation & Personalisation

Leverage data to optimise and personalise your customer journey

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Key People

Tim Elleston profile photo

Tim Elleston

CEO, Digital Balance, Perth

Tim runs Ebiquity’s analytics business in Australia, Digital Balance. With a background in stockbroking and using analytics tools for market forecasting, he has rich experience developing and leading digital teams. He is the founder of Digital Balance, which Ebiquity acquired in 2017.

Tim Fisher profile photo

Tim Fisher

Commercial Head of Digital Attribution, London

Tim is responsible for ensuring that our Total View Attribution solution answers our clients’ most pressing challenges within the broad context of all key drivers, not digital in isolation. He joined Ebiquity after a decade leading projects in both market mix modelling and digital attribution.

Patrik Sahlin  profile photo

Patrik Sahlin

Principal Effectiveness Consultant , London

Patrik Sahlin is Principal Consultant in Ebiquity’s International Effectiveness practice and led the design of Ebiquity’s Total View Attribution service. Prior to joining the company, he headed development of a digital attribution offering and provided digital media consulting services for Publicis Group’s clients at Ninah Consulting.

Jim Glauner profile photo

Jim Glauner

Director Client Solutions, Chicago

Jim Glauner, a director, client solutions at Ebiquity Analytics, has spent 15 years as an analytics developer, consultant, manager and director, with expertise in technical analytics implementation, strategy and analysis. Preceded and buttressed by a background as an award-winning journalist and a web developer/manager for '90s/'00s startups, Glauner's analytics expertise features excellent writing and communication skills; insightful innovation, investigation and problem solving, and the ability to build analytics frameworks from the ground up.