Independent verification that advertising appeared as intended

What we do

We enable publishers, agencies, and brands to see quickly, easily, and cost-effectively whether their advertising ran as booked, providing the industry with a full vouching service to manage campaigns better. 

How we do it

In the U.K. and Netherlands, we are recognised as the leading provider of electronic ad vouching services for both publishers and agencies. ePublisher is our self-serve, electronic, ad vouching SaaS platform. It enables publishers to prove to brands and media agencies swiftly and accurately that ads ran as booked. It is more reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable than hard-copy vouching. These are the reasons why most of the leading regional press publishers use ePublisher. 

Publishers and agencies requiring a managed service use ePublisher Direct. We tailor the service for each client. ePublisher Direct helps to reduce costs, speed up cash-flow, and simplify what can be a challenging and labour-intensive process. 

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Key People

Tom Parrish profile photo

Tom Parrish

Business Development Manager, E-Publisher, London

Tom is part of Ebiquity Intel commercial team and is responsible for expanding the portfolio of clients and developing client relations. He has been part of the group 2004.