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Our specialist contract compliance business, FirmDecisions, is the world’s leading consultancy in marketing financial transparency, having pioneered the discipline more than 19 years ago. Since then, they have completed 5,500 contract compliance audits covering more than 75 markets. In that time, they have examined more than $200bn in transactions across media, digital, creative and production agencies among others.

FirmDecisions is uniquely placed to help you achieve the level of transparency you desire from your key agency investments. Whether you require a contract compliance audit, an agency exit audit, a compensation audit, or contract advice and training, their global team of consultants can help you with all your transparency needs.

Digital advertising accounts for an increasing proportion of total advertiser investment, and at the same time is increasingly opaque. With a specialist team of digital supply chain experts, they can ensure your agency's contractual obligations are fully met, for digital as well as traditional advertising investment.

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Key People

Stephen Broderick profile photo

Chief Executive Officer, FirmDecisions, London

Stephen is founder and CEO of FirmDecisions Global, Ebiquity’s contract compliance business. He is based out of our London HQ. Before he joined Ebiquity, Stephen held senior management and finance roles in full-service and healthcare advertising agencies.

Federica Bowman profile photo

Federica Bowman

Managing Director - Digital, London

Federica has over 18 years of digital media experience. She worked in digital agencies and digital vendor businesses before becoming Head of Digital for International and North America at Ebiquity in 2010, and then moving to FirmDecisions in 2015.

Fiona Foy profile photo

Fiona Foy

Managing Director , San Francisco

Fiona began her Marketing Procurement career at RBS Group in 2000. From there she has led both the UK & Global Marketing Procurement teams at Orange and subsequently Vodafone, where she commercially led all media reviews over her tenure.