Collecting and validating media data from agency partners can be a bit of a lottery and is time-consuming. Data can be incomplete, provided in incompatible formats, and not delivered securely. This can lead to significant time spent cleansing, harmonising, and ensuring that data sets are complete, especially for the growing number of digital channels. This is before even starting to analyse the data or extract insights, where the true value and opportunity for performance enhancement lies.



EbiquityConnect™ is an automated, rules-based, data collection web interface that gathers complete media spend data sets quickly, efficiently, and securely.




Fast, accurate, complete, secure media data collection, with instant validation. More expert media consultant time allocated to generating insights and testing hypotheses.


Working with a major multinational consumer brand, we cut the time taken to collect media data covering four different media lines from 66 media assignments in 19 markets from 85 hours to just 11 hours.


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