Comparing media pricing proposals from agencies pitching can be very time-consuming. Each agency can provide data in bespoke – often incompatible – formats. Evaluating tenders is particularly challenging for global advertisers assessing several agencies with multiple offers across different media lines and in dozens of markets. This often means manual analysis of hundreds or even thousands of individual spreadsheets.



EbiquitySelect™ is an automated database and best-practice methodology designed to standardise collection and analysis of media pricing data from agencies tendering for an advertiser’s business.



Automation and standardisation, improved efficiency and accuracy, time saved.


We cut the time needed to analyse media pricing for a global personal care company from 18 to just 3 days by using EbiquitySelect™. This enabled our client to choose the best agency partner quickly and with complete confidence about data integrity and to spend more time on evaluating other areas of agency performance.


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