Digital media is complex and fragmented. There are so many different media formats and domains, and so many measurement methodologies in different markets across the world, that benchmarking of digital media performance has been all-but impossible. Until now.



EbiquitySync™ is the most robust and authoritative digital media measurement tool available. It uses a common methodology across the world, with the ability to account for local market differences. Sync has the deepest pools of digital media inventory of any tool available, and a unique tiered approach with smart clustering of buys that allows analysis of most media spend. This includes €3bn in digital spend across hundreds of brand advertisers, more than 4,000 leading domains, and almost 3,000 different formats.



The same high standards of media performance measurement brands are used to in traditional media. Analysis of up to 100% of all non-search digital media spend.


EbiquitySync™’s market-leading pools of spend data and our unique tiered categorisation approach mean we can benchmark more digital media inventory than any other company. We’ve increased coverage in digital media performance reviews from 10-20% to 90-100%.


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