Monitor your global digital media investments to eliminate waste, increase value and realise savings.

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Our specialist digital media service business, Digital Decisions, is the world's leading provider of global monitoring services. All digital media investments for global advertisers are monitored in an end-to-end service that utilises source data directly from all relevant platforms. Digital Decisions is the strategic partner of the World Federation of Advertisers for Accountability, and processes billions of advertising spend every year.

Digital Decisions has the unique capability to provide you with a single source of truth containing all delivery and performance data, across all of your markets globally. They form a bridge between Procurement and Media, and ensure valid quality and cost metrics are tracked and optimised by dealing directly with your agencies on your behalf.

Governance and accountability is critical in digital media. Whether it’s ad fraud, brand safety, data protection or ad quality standards, you should ensure structural oversight and enforced accountability for your media partners, including agency and technology partners. Digital Decisions can deliver this for you.

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Ruben Schreurs

Chief Executive Officer, New York

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Peter Hanford

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Lars Noordewier

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