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What we do

Brands buying paid media want to know that their investment is being made competitively, and whether it could be done more efficiently. Our analysts typically identify opportunities for improvement of 5-15% of spend across traditional and digital channels, usually many times our fee. 

At Ebiquity, we truly are pioneers of media performance measurement and at the cutting edge of innovation. With the world's largest independent pool of media performance and cost data, combined with market-leading methodologies, we help you assess media buying performance against our benchmarks and agency commitments. We identify the right metrics to judge success. 

We also help you navigate the ever-changing digital media ecosystem. This gives you clarity around what’s being seen, by whom, and where. We also show you what’s not working, why, and what you can do to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your activity across all digital channels. 

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How we do it

Digital Benchmarking

Monitor, benchmark, and boost the performance of your digital media investments

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Offline Benchmarking

Assess and optimise your media buying performance with one global methodology across key marketing channels

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Savings Tracking

Measure the savings improvements of your media investments

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Key People

Dietmar Kruse profile photo

Global Client Partner, Hamburg

Dietmar Kruse has over 20 years experience in Marketing and Media in various executive positions. Prior to joining Ebiquity as CEO in Germany, he was founder of Billetts in 2008 and partner at Accenture for the period of 4 years, responsible for all Marketing- and Media operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.