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With brands investing more in digital display, video, and social media advertising, it has never been more important – and yet never more challenging – to assess digital media performance. While on the one hand everything can be measured in digital, on the other it suffers from a lack of transparency around fees, inconsistent metrics and measurement standards, different data sources and media formats, and an increasingly complex and fragmented supply chain riddled with fraud, brand safety, and viewability concerns.

To help you cut through the clutter and understand how your digital media investments can deliver greater performance, we have created EbiquitySyncTM, the most robust and authoritative digital media measurement tool available. EbiquitySyncTM measures and benchmarks digital media performance across markets, media channels, and platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap, major DSPs, ad networks, trading platforms, and domains. It also brings together data from Integral Ad Sciences (IAS), MOAT, Double Verify, or any other ad verification vendor you may be using. Our analysts then identify key recommendations to help you optimise digital performance going forward.

Developed over several years, EbiquitySyncTM delivers the high standards that advertisers have come to expect. Our digital media pools are the biggest on the market, comprising billions of euros in annual spend and growing rapidly. Using our tool, we can benchmark up to 100% of your digital spend, putting our tool in a league of its own. These two things combined, mean we can give you the most accurate comparison of your digital media spend that’s currently available on the market.

Run by digital media experts in each of the major media markets where we are present, EbiquitySyncTM is the only tool available today to harmonise and reconcile digital media performance to the same rigorous standards across markets. At the same time, it has been developed with local market flexibility built-in.

EbiquitySyncTM is one of a new generation of digital media and analytics tools as part of the Ebiquity MediaSuite. It fully complements our proprietary tools across other key media channels, including our Rack® tool, the recognised industry gold standard in media benchmarking for TV, press, out-of-home, and radio.


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Key People

Angus McLean profile photo

Angus McLean

Director of Digital , London

Angus leads a team of digital specialists in Ebiquity Media UK, advising clients on digital best practice and measurement. He joined the firm in 2018, relocating from Australia, where he worked both client and agency side. He was most recently GM of Marketing and Director of Digital for Tourism Northern Territory. Angus had worked previously for telecoms firm Telstra and Mindshare, Sydney.

Ben Millar profile photo

Ben Millar

Digital Director, Sydney

Ben is a digital media and marketing specialist, with experience including strategy, media planning and buying, search, CRM, and eCommerce. He joined Ebiquity when the firm acquire Faulkner Media Management (FMM) in 2011, where he developed a comprehensive digital benchmarking and campaign review service. He has a passion and expertise for training. Before joining FMM, Ben was MD of full-service digital agency, Profero, having trained as a management consultant with Deloitte.

Giulia Biesuz profile photo

Giulia Biesuz

Digital Manager, Milan