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The range and diversity of digital tech and analytics platforms has grown fast in recent years, from a few hundred in 2010 to almost 7,000 today. It’s fair to say that many deployments during this time have been driven by the availability tools and technologies, not by business strategy. 

Our approach at Ebiquity Tech is different. We work with you to review and reset your tech and data strategy. Deployment and optimisation isn’t just about launching and making the most of a new tool. It’s about building adaptive, scalable platforms to facilitate growth, driven by your business goals. 

We help you pick the tools that are right for your business, implement the technical aspects to work in harmony with your current infrastructure, and ensure integrity and compatibility of the data that’s being collected – from new and from legacy platforms. Then we make sure you have the capabilities in place to pass control to you. 

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Capture and manage customer behaviour data to enhance customer experience

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Select and deploy the right analytics suites to measure what matters and drive ROI

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Key People

Tim Elleston profile photo

Tim Elleston

CEO, Digital Balance, Perth

Tim runs Ebiquity’s analytics business in Australia, Digital Balance. With a background in stockbroking and using analytics tools for market forecasting, he has rich experience developing and leading digital teams. He is the founder of Digital Balance, which Ebiquity acquired in 2017.