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Every vendor in the analytics market will tell you that their suite is the most comprehensive and the only solution you will ever need to make sense of your digital marketing data. Adobe, Google, IBM, and Salesforce – and many more besides – are keen to lock you in to their tools and platforms. The same is true of the big consultancies, who have reseller relationships with the major vendors. 

At Ebiquity Tech, we take a different approach. We have almost 15 years’ experience in implementing analytics suites for hundreds of the world’s leading advertisers. We are independent and neutral about the products and vendors we recommend. This allows us to help you understand the benefits and shortcomings of different analytics suites, and to build bespoke solutions – often blending components from several different vendors. 

To be properly transformational, analytics need to drive action and implementation. We know that dashboards need to be more than CMO eye candy. Beautifully visualised data is not an end in itself. It’s the means to the end of digital marketing and customer journeys that deliver real and tangible return on investment. 

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Tim Elleston profile photo

Tim Elleston

CEO, Digital Balance, Perth

Tim runs Ebiquity’s analytics business in Australia, Digital Balance. With a background in stockbroking and using analytics tools for market forecasting, he has rich experience developing and leading digital teams. He is the founder of Digital Balance, which Ebiquity acquired in 2017.