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What we do

We start with a strategic review of what’s currently in place across both client and agency side. We assess what’s working and what could be improved, cutting across functional silos. Then we help you select and deploy the right technology tools and platforms for your needs, and ensure your teams know how to get the most from them and how to measure performance. 

Our expert advice covers technologies including ad servers, demand-side platforms, and data management platforms. We help to put technology in its proper context, properly integrated with: (i) how media is bought and sold, (ii) how contractual and commercial relationships operate between advertisers and their partners, and (iii) how traditional and owned media channels operate. 

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Key People

Jason Liew profile photo

Jason Liew

Director of Advertising and Programmatic Technology, London

Jason is an expert in advertising technology, with more than ten years’ experience. Before joining Ebiquity, he was head of programmatic at Collective, and also ran technical operations at both the Daily Mail Group and Time Inc. During his time at Google, Jason helped to run the company’s Doubleclick adserving technology.

Matt Girling profile photo

Matt Girling

Head of Europe, Tech , London

Matt has 20 years’ experience, working across many of the UK’s largest media owners and agencies. Before joining Ebiquity, he was head of media and data partnerships at Amnet, DentsuAegis’ trading desk, head of digital investments at Amplifi (the agency’s trading arm). He has also worked client-side, leading strategic partnerships for BBC Worldwide, and running ecommerce for AOL.