Optimise audience data to reach and address customers where and when they respond best 

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To get the best returns from your media strategy and investments, you need ownership of and control over your data. Our experience tells us that many advertisers often don’t get the data they pay for, nor do they generate the actionable insights that data ownership can provide. 

We help you understand the data you own and should have access to, identify the risks and opportunities this represents to your business, and advise on data analysis and strategy. Where changes are necessary, we help you to secure the right levels of control and ownership. 

Where you don’t have – but could benefit from – your own data management platform, we help you identify and appoint the right partner. We show you how to run systematic tests to work out which data sources works best for you. And we help you make sense of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation and what it means for your data strategy and programmatic advertising. 

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Key People

Georgina Hughes profile photo

Georgina Hughes

Director of Media Supply and Audience Data, London

A recent joiner to Ebiquity’s fast-growing Tech practice, Georgina brings with her a wealth of experience in the operations of programmatic media buying and data partnerships from her time working in media agencies. She spent five years at Amnet (Dentsu Aegis), where she was responsible for negotiating access to publisher digital media inventory.

Matt Girling profile photo

Matt Girling

Head of Europe, Tech , London

Matt has 20 years’ experience, working across many of the UK’s largest media owners and agencies. Before joining Ebiquity, he was head of media and data partnerships at Amnet, DentsuAegis’ trading desk, head of digital investments at Amplifi (the agency’s trading arm). He has also worked client-side, leading strategic partnerships for BBC Worldwide, and running ecommerce for AOL.