Put the right people, processes, and principles in place to make the most of advertising technology 

What we do

Having the right technology and data strategies in place are important steps on the journey to more becoming a better digital marketing organisation. But these steps can be undermined if you don’t have the right people, processes, and principles to keep these strategies on track over time. 

We help our clients become better clients – to do their jobs with the right level of knowledge and understanding – and to be better partners for their technology providers and agency partners. 

  • We do this by helping you hire the right people for the right roles. This is particularly important as advertisers increasingly look to bring technology and processes in-house 

  • We do this by developing and delivering training and ongoing support to your teams 

  • And we do this by writing and sharing bespoke playbooks that codify your unique approach to making the most of advertising and marketing technology 

This is how we help to ensure that you and your partners deliver against your core principles of digital marketing, ensuring you have a unified world view of issues as diverse as data, technology, and measurement. 

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Key People

Maya Arber profile photo

Maya Arber

Director of UK Tech & Operations, London

Maya joined Ebiquity’s Media practice in 2014 to help lead Ebiquity’s UK digital measurement and consultancy. She was instrumental in enhancing the methodology for measuring programmatic activity and delivering Ebiquity’s independent Ad Verification service in the UK. Before joining Ebiquity, Maya spent six years at MEC working in digital strategy, planning, and buying roles.

Matt Girling profile photo

Matt Girling

Head of Europe, Tech , London

Matt has 20 years’ experience, working across many of the UK’s largest media owners and agencies. Before joining Ebiquity, he was head of media and data partnerships at Amnet, DentsuAegis’ trading desk, head of digital investments at Amplifi (the agency’s trading arm). He has also worked client-side, leading strategic partnerships for BBC Worldwide, and running ecommerce for AOL.